Our work aspires to bring forth a new kind of economy. An economy that runs on low-carbon energy and is ecologically benign - or better, zero-carbon and regenerative. An economy that is equitable and inclusive, much more local and much more democratic. Toward these goals, we work with a range of economic actors to catalyse new pathways for generating livelihoods and economic wellbeing.

Recent Projects:

Local Entrepreneur Forum

REconomy Centre

Guadal: Journey to a Post-Crisis Economy

Local Economic Blueprint

Well & Good Project


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Jay Tompt, founder

Before starting William Verde & Associates, Jay was Vice President and co-founder of Plan-It Hardware, the first comprehensive ethical and green building product distributor in the DIY industry. Plan-It Hardware's Green it Yourself retail program included a robust product evaluation process, in-store signage and merchandising, store staff training, and community outreach. He authored the Future of Home Improvement, a framework for 'greening' the independent DIY industry.

Jay is also a co-founding member of the workers collective publishing the Transition Free Press, a national newspaper covering the Transition and relocalisation movement. He works closely with Transition Town Totnes and the REconomy Project on local economic regeneration programmes. Jay also delivers workshops with Future Bound and has lectured at Plymouth University and Schumacher College.

Prior to Plan-It Hardware, Tompt led bioplastics pioneer Earthware Biodegradables and spent the early part of his career advising Silicon Valley companies on branding and communications issues, including Deloitte's Technology Fast 500 program. Tompt has an MBA from the Monterey Institute of International Studies. He has also completed a two-week intensive E.A.T. permaculture course and Training for Transition.


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